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The term blog (from “web-log”, which was changed to “we-blog”, to finally become, just “blog”) was introduced for the very first time in the late 90s. Prior to that, there were a number of similar applications available online, most of them resembling blog’s cousin, i.e. the online forum. Nowadays, blogging has taken by storm the world of online publishing, with Mashable being a top example of blogging success.
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The increasing level of Internet’s power and influence is indicated by the decisive role that it plays in how modern companies perform their business transactions. Whether companies promote and sell their products or get in touch with their customers, the web has proved to be a great tool in that purpose.
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Although web users of today take it for granted that Google is synonym to searching the Internet, they would definitely be amazed to know that Google, as a company, has not paid a single cent for its advertising, either offline or online. Therefore, any business would have a good reason to try to imitate Google's marketing strategy and tactics, so that it becomes similarly successful and profitable.
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The book: “Terre des hommes”, or “Wind, sand and stars” in the English translation of the title, is the author’s personal account of numerous adventures during his service, mostly as a commercial airplane pilot, while the last chapter of the book dedicated to his military service at the Madrid warfront during the Second World War.
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Spotting a bargain in a used cars dealership is not rare, though it is equally possible that the owner of the dealership will have already discovered it before you did and he/she will have set a high price if it’s a really good car. This article offers an insightful discussion on the little secrets of the second-hand booming trade.
Published by New Energy 46 months ago in Car Buying & Financing | +1 votes | 0 comments
Will Facebook manage to hold the pole position in the race among the various online social media websites, applications and platforms, and make Zuckerberg an even wealthier person? Or will its good fortune, slowly but steadily, become a thing of the past, a distant nostalgic memory for Facebook’s teenage members of today?
Published by New Energy 46 months ago in Facebook | +1 votes | 0 comments
Mark Zuckerberg is a familiar household name to hundreds of millions of people across the globe, through the equally high number of members of his hugely successful social media platform, the mighty Facebook. In this article you will find what makes him so different from the traditional wealthy people of the past and why the massive social influence of the Internet will create even more billionaires in the future.
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Do animals feel anything when they are fed with marijuana waste? It has not been studied yet whether pigs understand the difference, when they are fed hemp plants waste or some other type of food. However, animals in general tend to show a preference on a specific kind of food over another, and even do not like some types of feed at all.
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The condition of Facebook fatigue can be viewed from many different angles and it has got a number of causes. Since prevention is the best cure and the negative consequences of the event are readily visible, a certain strategy of innovation and general restructuring should take place within the company, in order for effective solutions to be applied to the rising problems.
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In-flight meals have been badly affected by the efforts of airline companies to cut their costs and offer low-priced tickets to their passengers. Other factors, such as intense competition for the same routes and the advent of low-cost and chartered airline operators have also played a major role in decreasing in-flight menu options or, in the case of short-distance flights, not offering them at all, apart from a basic soft drink, coffee or tea and/or light, cold snack.
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